The North Carolina Rural Heritage Center is home to many of Scotland County’s festivals and special events.  These events include:

8th Annual Scotland County Highland Games:  Held October 1, 2016 – Watch athletes compete in traditional events such as the caber, the hammer throw and the sheaf toss. And what would the games be without piping, drumming, dancing and Tartan glory.  For more information visit

33rd Annual John Blue Cotton Festival: Held October 8th and 9th 2016 – It’s one thing to read books about rural life in the South 100 or more years ago. It’s another to experience it for yourself.  And that’s what the John Blue Festival is all about-–bringing together the old and the new as we pay homage to our agricultural tradition. For more information visit

10th Annual Storytelling Festival of Carolinas – Held October 15th and 16th – Join the Storytelling and Arts Center of the Southeast for two days of unforgettable performances by world-class, award-winning storytellers.  The festival includes multiple performance stages to assure you’ll hear the best storytelling this side of Garrison Keillor. For more information visit

Civil War Reenactments – Coming Spring 2017 – come out and watch Civil War Reenactments staged on the grounds of the Heritage Village.  Check back for more information.

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