hertiage_village_4_bldgsHeritage Village

Nestled in a grove of pecan trees, the John Blue House is the centerpiece of a collection of homesteads that tell the story of a different time in the region.

Through the millennia, the region now known as North and South Carolina was home to over 45 different Native American Indian cultures. Among the descendants today are the Lumbee, Cheraw, Cherokee, Tuscarora, Waccamaw, and Catawba. The primary emphasis of the Indian Museum of the Carolinas is to display Carolina Indian life, but you will also find exhibits on groups of other parts of North America and Mesoamerica.

Our 40 exhibits offer glimpses of Native American life as it was in the past. From the time of earliest permanent settlement until modern times there have been three primary village types that served the Native Americans our region of the Carolinas: Carolina Bays, Indian Mounds, and Fishing Villages. Additionally, our exhibits include unique items such as an original canoe, projectile points (arrowheads), pottery, and ancient stone tools.

The museum was founded by Dr. David McLean, and is managed by the Scotland County Historic Properties Commission.