Native American Indian Cultures

Through the millennia, the region now known as North and South Carolina was home to over 45 different Native American Indian cultures.

Naturally, you’ve heard of the Cherokee. But do you know the Lumbee? The Waccamaw? The Catawba? The Chowanoc? The Cheraw? Or any of the other more than 45 native peoples who may have inhabited the Carolinas and the southeast going back to the time before Egypt or the Sumerians?.

The Indian Museum of the Carolinas seeks to grow, not merely awareness, but knowledge of these peoples through archaeological, anthropological, and linguistic studies. Although the museum emphasizes people of the southeastern region, you’ll also find artifacts and exhibits of tribes from other regions, including the southwest and Mesoamerica. Some of these artifacts are more than 10,000 years old.

The permanent collection contains more than 200,000 authentic artifacts, including pottery, jewelry, clothing, tools, and weapons, making it possible to get a cross-section of entire cultures including their approaches to medicine, religion, customs, and daily life. Larger scale reconstructions include a Pueblo village and a Zapotec tomb.

Contemporary native American arts are also featured.